We Are Melonworks

Melonworks is a movement of healthcare marketers who understand digital marketing. We combine easy-to-implement and measure marketing strategies with real human connection to grow our practices.

It feels like healthcare marketing executives get pitched by marketing agencies on a weekly basis. They’ll tell you that you need the most expensive, most complicated marketing systems in order to be competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Truth be told, they tell you this to get your money. They don’t care about your success, your team, and your patients.

At Melonworks, we truly care about you, your practice and your patients. We’ll work to truly understand your needs, and will create a solution tailored to your specific situation.

And best of all, the marketing we do for your practice is simple and effective.

The Melonworks Difference


Tailored strategies specific to each client's unique business needs and goals

Human-to-human connection

Specialized experience in healthcare practices, ensuring deep insights and expertise​

Dedicated account managers ensuring prompt responses and regular updates.​

Focuses on building long-term relationships, acting as a partner rather than just a service provider​


Follows a one-size-fits-all approach

​Process over people

Broad and general experience in marketing

Standardized communication processes that might lead to delays

Transactional and project-based interactions

What We Stand For

Simplicity Over Complexity
We believe that simplicity will beat complexity every time. Instead of a complicated marketing system comprising of a “funnel maze” with hundreds of automations, and dozens of dashboards that make it nearly impossible to diagnose issues, we create simplicity. Simplicity scales. And simplicity is effective.

Everything Must Be Measurable
The worst part about healthcare marketing is that it feels nearly impossible to get a positive return on your investment. That’s why we measure everything. And we make it easy for you to measure everything. You’ll know exactly how much you’re spending to acquire new patients for your practice.

People First
Online marketers have a tendency to care less about who they work with and more about money. Melonworks believes that people are the most important part. It’s the reason you and your doctors went into medicine - to help people. And that’s why we exist: to help people.

Our Mission

Our mission at Melonworks is to help healthcare professionals grow their practices.

We truly believe that what healthcare professionals do matters, and we don’t want to see them struggling to keep their patient numbers at sustainable levels.

We do everything in our power to increase patient numbers through simple marketing strategies that just plain work