Featured Website Projects

At Melonworks, we specialize in designing websites that don't just catch the eye, but also play a pivotal role in brand building and business success. We understand that you're looking for more than just design; you're seeking a distinctive identity for your practice in the digital world.

Our approach is rooted in creating a unique brand experience, starting with a strategic design framework. We blend design elements, search engine optimization, and engaging content to ensure your website stands out. Our team focuses on professional photography and impactful design to convey your practice's story, enhancing its presence in the healthcare industry. By emphasizing brand building and innovative design, we aim to drive your business growth and establish your brand as a market leader.

High Watch Recovery website design

High Watch Recovery Center

As the world's first 12-step treatment center, High Watch wanted a website that reflected their state-of-the-art facilities and sensitivity to their guests. We created a website that builds trust and reflects their expertise and professionalism.

Alina Lodge website design

Alina Lodge

We created a similar website layout to Alina's partner, High Watch, while still having their own distinct feel that reflects their work in recovery. We showcased their welcoming environment with a design that aligned with their commitment to quality.

The Global Exchange Conference website design

The Global Exchange Conference

Melonworks partnered with the Global Exchange Conference to create a website that communicated their core message of being the world's largest mental health, addiction and wellness conference, showcasing their incredible lineup of inspiring speakers and a home page with all the info they need at a glance.

High Watch Media website design

High Watch Media

High Watch Media is an organization that creates incredible docuseries and films that focus on the most urgent matters of our times. We created a landing page that showcases their latest film, with easy access to sign ups for increased audience engagement.

Eden Hill Recovery Retreat website design

Eden Hill Recovery Retreat

We created an elegant, clean website with a feminine feel, geared toward Eden Hill's audience. Their new design reflects their expertise and builds trust with their potential guests.

The Marketing Exchange Conference Las Vegas website design

The Marketing Exchange | Las Vegas

We were excited to work on this invite-only annual conference, geared toward marketing professionals in the treatment field. We showcased their upcoming speakers and travel details with a clean, modern look.

Coastal Ob Gyn & Midwifery, LLC _ Providing Healthcare to Women in CT (1)

Coastal Ob Gyn & Midwifery, LLC

Melonworks partnered with Coastal Ob Gyn & Midwifery to created a modern, clean website that reflected their dedication to quality and comprehensive healthcare services for women.

East Haven Pediatrics website design

East Haven Pediatrics

We were excited to collaborate with East Haven Pediatrics and design a website that reflects their kid-friendly atmosphere, with a focus on nurture and commitment to child-centered healthcare.

OBGYN Physicians, P.C. website design

OBGYN Physicians, P.C.

For OBGYN Phsycians, P.C., we focused on creating a sleek, contemporary design that resonates with the clinic's cutting-edge healthcare services. By blending elegant aesthetics with functionality, the site perfectly encapsulates the clinic's commitment to providing top-notch care in a welcoming, modern setting.

Greater New Haven OBGYN Group website design

Greater New Haven OB/GYN Group

It was a privilege to partner with Greater New Haven OB/GYN Group, a leading provider of women's healthcare in Connecticut. We developed a website that balances a welcoming and professional aesthetic, ensuring it speaks to women of all ages. The design is clean and modern, with easy navigation to guide visitors through a wide range of services.